Experience & Expertise
Lisa has worked with some of the top Fortune 500 Food/Beverage and Cosmetics companies to evaluate, document, streamline, train and implement business process improvements that enable companies to eliminate non value added steps. So many times people and companies get comfortable in their everyday procedures. Allowing a Third Party Point of View (TPPV) into the meetings, opens the door for change. Lisa has the personality, drive and passion for change to motivate even the most seasoned member of a team.

Professional Goal
At the end of the day, we all want our organizations to work as efficiently as possible and have the tools to deliver the end product in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible. Lisa’s professional goal is to work with organizations to identify improvement opportunities and work with them to design, develop, test, deliver and train systems and/or processes to provide winning benefits to the companies she works with.


Process Re-Engineering & Process Definition
With years of corporate experience in the “art ” of documenting processes, Lisa has helped organizations to understand their linkages across functions and processes and document this information. For some, it was the first time they ever had a document to show management just how processes work. This process can prove to be very enlightening and identifies many opportunities for process improvements even outside the initial scope of the project.

Systems Design and Data Integration
Business Analysis – Serving as the translator between Business and IT is a role Lisa has mastered. Converting Legacy systems (excel files, AS400 systems…..) to upgrade to newer technology can be challenging but is an area of expertise that Lisa excels at. Digging through the current processes as well as the table structures to help Business and IT to be successful in transitions to new systems. Lisa has extensive experience with documenting and running testing of new systems and processes utilizing a variety of tools.

Project Management
Providing timely updates on projects and monitoring the progress of required tasks is also a skill set in Lisa’s tool box. Pulling together initial project plans and modifying in to more detailed plans as the project develops. Clearly communicating to Team members and Management the expectations and deliverables of a project. Identifying the necessary tasks based on the Process Re-Engineering and Process Development and System Design. To be a good Project Manager you must have a big picture view with a Micro focus on details.

Meeting Facilitation
We have all heard the saying “too many cooks in the kitchen” and we have all been in those meetings. Lisa’s experience and enthusiastic personality will get even the most difficult, unfocused meeting back on track to deliver results and next steps that will provide great benefits to any organization. The end result of a meeting run by Lisa will have clear action items, learnings and next steps. be most successful.

Organizations can have the GREATEST tools/processes in place to work Smarter not Harder BUT if people don’t know how to use the tools they cannot benefit the organization. Hand in Hand with Process improvement has got to be a good, sustainable training program. With all the available technologies creating the training tools is the first challenge. Executing training and sustaining training is the second challenge. Lisa has developed tools and philosophies that help drive change through organized and articulate Training sessions and tools to drive successful change management. Lisa’s passion for teaching and chocolate always make her training sessions successful.

Lisa Moore wearing brown glasses and grey sweater

Lisa Moore